The Tenacious Ten – Financial Independence in 10-20 years [Infographic]

About four years ago, I wrote a post outlining what I believed to be the ten guidelines a Freedom Fighter could follow in order to reach Financial Independence in 10-20 years. Here they are now shared as The Tenacious Ten! That post, paired with this infographic, succinctly distills the principles I’ve personally followed and espoused […]

They Just Might Say Yes

It still amazes me how many people don’t go after the things they really want for the fear of hearing “no,” and being rejected. When I was first learning to trade options, I remember reading some really sound advice that has stuck with me over the years. She Just Might Say Yes! In the trading […]

23-Year-Old Protege Earns $210,000 His First Year Out of College

I know I said a few posts back that I would no longer be accepting guests posts but this is one that was already in the works and one I requested from my protege. I wanted him to capture a snapshot of where he is today – early in his journey to becoming a millionaire […]

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