On this page, you will find my monthly, quarterly, and annual financial stats. I decided to add this level of transparency to the blog in order for you to relate to my journey and the stories that I share here. I have found through my own experience that I have always enjoyed other blogs that share real numbers and real examples. I’m never going to give you any advice but I will share what I personally believe philosophically and what I’m doing with my own money. I think it’s absolutely imperative that I pull back the curtain so you can see what’s possible on your own journey to financial freedom.

This page will only contain the summary figures, but I will link out to the detailed reports as well when available (see links below).



Note: All financial figures represented above and below are combined stats for the GYFG household.

Wonder how I pull all this information together every month?

I use Empower to aggregate and consolidate our transactions from across all of our financial accounts (checking, savings, retirement, credit cards, mortgages, HSA, and other investment accounts – including offline accounts). At the end of the month, I export that information into my financial stats spreadsheet in order to produce the monthly reports linked below.

TRACKING your finances is, in my opinion, the BEST way to stay on top of your finances. You can’t optimize what you don’t measure. You can’t make informed decisions if you don’t know what you having coming in vs. what’s going out. Without a holistic view of how much you spend every month, there’s no way to set savings, debt repayment, or investment goals. It’s a financial freedom must!

If you don’t already have a FREE account with Empower, stop reading and go sign up for your account right now! (Seriously, this financial update will be here when you’re done. There’s no time like the present to take action. You will thank me later!)

Monthly Financial Report Links


Total Gross Income: $214,142 | Net Worth: $181,364


Total Gross Income: $3,048,736 | Net Worth: $10,245,337

Note: Starting in 2022 I will only be publishing a financial report once a quarter.


Total Gross Income: $1,966,357 | Net Worth: $11,341,706

Gen Y Finance Guy

70 Responses

  1. Hi, very nicely put together! However, the January 2015 link is not working for me. I want to have something similar and was wondering where you deduct your monthly expenses (mortgage, utilities, etc. because wouldn’t you have to do that from the gross income number)…..thanks!

    1. Hi Wes,

      Thanks for letting me know the link was broken. I have fixed that now, so you should be able to click over now. I do deduct all my expenses from the gross income. All the detail can be found on the January financial report.

      Please try the link again and let me know if you still have any questions.


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