Why Long-Term Investors Should Consider Dividend Stocks

Today we have a guest post from the folks over at Sure Dividend who will be sharing why they think long-term investors should consider dividend-paying stocks. I won’t steal their thunder as to why they recommend this strategy, but you’ll soon find out. Sure Dividend, the floor is yours… Not all stocks are created equal. […]

May 2020 – Detailed Financial Report #65

Income Report

Time has started to move at an increasingly accelerated pace for the GYFG household. It might be because of a slow but steady march back to some level of normalcy after months of “lockdown.” Here are a few highlights from May: We made a trip out to Lake Meade for the Memorial Day Weekend (with […]

Chasing FIRE Interview #12 – With Rich at Sport of Money

I’m no longer officially accepting Chasing Fire interviews but today’s guest is someone that I had originally invited to participate so when he reached out to see if the opportunity was still available I agreed to share his interview. I did this because I think Rich has a unique story and he also has a […]

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