On this page you will only find products and companies that I know, like, and trust. These are products that I use or at the very least have used in the past. I do a lot of research to find the best product and service at the best price. Some of these companies happen to offer commissions for online referrals. And some don’t. This doesn’t affect my choice, but where available, I used the right type of link so that this blog will get a small commission if you end up becoming a customer.

It’s a nice and fully optional way for you to support this blog if you choose to do so. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals. If you do decide to become a customer, I thank you in advance for your support and helping to keep the lights on.

Financial Management & Tracking

Personal Capital – FREE software that helps you see your checking, savings, investments and retirement accounts in one secure, convenient place. Just sign up and link your accounts. This is a great tool, especially when it comes to tracking your net worth. It’s like mint but on steroids. I have used both, but I prefer and love Personal Capital.

Not sure if it’s right for you?


TD Ameritrade – They are hands down the best broker for the retail investor. TD Ameritrade provides a number of investing platforms that are more robust than any other platform I have ever used. My particular favorite is the “Think or Swim” platform. Their published commission rate is a little high at $9.99 for unlimited shares, but this is negotiable. To give you a little insight, I pay a penny per share when buying and selling stock. I also only pay $0.75/contract when buying and selling options with no minimums. Oh, and did I mention that they have over 100 ETFs that you can trade commission free?

They also provide a ton of educational resources that are again all free to you. Before I officially made the move over to TD Ameritrade myself, there was a time that I signed up for an account just to get access to all of the free tools they provide.

You will also have access to stocks, options, futures, and forex all on a single platform. And if that wasn’t enough, TD Ameritrade will let you trade commission free for 60 days while you test drive the platform and they will give you up to $600 for rolling over your other accounts

Online Storage

Dropbox – This is my go-to storage application for the cloud. You get 2BG for when you open up your free account. And you can get an extra 500MB for each person you refer who opens up an account (for a max of 16GB). It’s great to be able to access my files anywhere, anytime, and on any device.


Amazon – I order just about everything from Amazon, not only because they are almost always the lowest price, but with Amazon prime I also get free two day shipping as well as the following: 1 Million ad-free songs, instant streaming of thousands of TV shows and movies, Free unlimited photo storage in the cloud, and free books for Kindle.

Raise – Find discounts on brand name stores, local restaurants, and more! This is my favorite app for getting discounts on gift cards to restaurants that I was already going to go to. On average you can expect to save 20%. You can also sell your unused gift cards on Raise.

Blogging Tools

Bluehost – This is the hosting company that I use for this blog. It is stupid cheap and the customer service is amazing. The normal price is $5.99/month, but if you use this link you will get a 34% discount. I think it took me less than 5 minutes to buy the domain, install WordPress, and get the first version of this site up (click here for a step-by-step guide in setting up your first blog).


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