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This Real Estate Debt Fund is only available to accredited investors, defined as someone with a net worth of at least $1 million — excluding their primary home — or a personal income of $200,000, or a joint income of $300,000, for at least the last two years and the expectation to earn the same this year.

Yes. The Class B debt share has a $25,000 minimum investment and pays 6% interest. Fractional shares are available after the first share is purchased, up to a total investment of $249,000.

Class A debt share has a $250,000 minimum investment with no maximum limit, and pays 8% interest.

As with any investment, it’s impossible to say there is zero risk. However, the fund has a proven track record since it was founded in 2009, and its founder has a personal portfolio in excess of $50million. Aside from its strong track record, the fund mitigates risk by being well diversified — instead of being tied up in a single property, it purchases multiple properties across multiple types and locations.

Yes, provided the requirements are met the fund permits IRA and 401k investors.

No, including for acquisition, management, and distribution.

Investors are paid twice a year, on February 28 and August 31.

You can cash out by giving 12 months’ notice at any time. It’s possible to be fully cashed out within the 12 months and, in many instances, in under 3 months.

The fund has a specific aim of purchasing properties that provide liquidity, through selling at a substantial profit or providing ongoing cash flow.

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