Rant #7 – You Can’t Force a Horse to Drink

Rant #7

People never fail to amaze me in this world. It is quite amazing how illogical people can be. As you all may recall, I recently wrote about the analysis and decision I made to go solar…it was a no brainer. Well, anytime I get excited about something, I naturally share that excitement with others. I […]

Net Worth Conversion Ratio – A Measure of Wealth Building Efficiency

Net Worth Conversion Ratio

There is never a dull moment in Personal Finance, am I right? I am not sure if it’s just me, but I am constantly think of ways to look at personal finance through different perspectives and lenses. A while back I took a stroll down memory lane to figure out how long it would/had taken […]

Monthly Goal Check-in #2 – @ 3/1/2016

February 2016 Goal Status

Can you believe that another month has already come and gone? It seems like yesterday that I was pressing submit on the first check-in for the year. Isn’t it crazy how we perceive time to move faster as we age every year? I have always wondered why that is. A part of me believes that […]

Looking at Savings Rate through the Financial Independence Lens

Financial Independence Lens

In previous posts I have talked about how we currently strive to save 50% of our after tax income and how important your savings rate is in building wealth rapidly. But after listening to the Radical Personal Finance Podcast, it made me realize that this may have not been enough to sway you. What I […]

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