[Guest Post] 10-Year Vision Series # 1 – Founders of The Mastermind Within

10 Year Vision

A few months ago, I shared the letter I wrote myself from the perspective of 10 years into the future, the idea was to write describe your life based on anything you wanted or wanted to accomplish (as if it had already happened). After publishing that post and inviting guest submissions, the bloggers at “The Mastermind […]

From the Mailbag #2 – I Want More, Can You Help?

Help Me

One of the biggest joys I get out of this blog is receiving emails from YOU the reader. Sometimes it’s an email thanking me for the inspiration that has led to financial epiphanies in YOUR own life. Other times it’s an email asking for guidance (I don’t give advice, just ideas, a little CYA). Recently a […]

Cars Are Expensive – Really F*cking Expensive – They Destroy Wealth

How much a car cost

A few months ago I shared a post about helping my brother get a new car after he totaled his previous one. It really got me thinking about how much it was costing the GYFG household to have two cars. Unfortunately, we bought our cars before we had solidified our financial philosophies. My wife and I […]

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