Control-Based vs. Allocation-Based Budgeting

To budget or not to budget, that is the question… It may not be obvious at first glance but to me all budgeting boils down to two distinct different flavors: Control-Based Budgeting Allocation-Based Budgeting I believe that there is a time and a place for both, depending on where you are in your own unique […]

FIRE Starter: Advice on Saving & Investing in Your 20s [Part 1]

Last month I shared the first of a series of interviews with you. Zach, the newest GYFG team member, was the first to be interviewed. Going forward he will be a regular writer for the GYFG blog. He is 24 years old and killing it. His wisdom belies his age and is a great example […]

4 Years of Blogging – Annual State of the Blog

I’m proud to say that this blog I started is officially four years old. Happy Birthday, GYFG! I’m pretty sure that puts my blog in the top 1% of blogs that make it past the one year mark – the percentage making it to four years must be tiny. I’ve lost count of the number of […]

Warren Buffett on Betting Against America – Don’t Do It!

Given the recent turbulence in the markets, I thought this was a good a time as any to remind people to stay calm. As I peck away at the keyboard the DJIA is down 2,523 points (24,446 on 10/29) from its all-time high of 26,966 set on 10/3/18 (that’s about a 9.4% sell-off that has […]

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