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Simple Path to WealthIt’s not every day you receive an advanced copy of a book on building wealth and are then asked to read and publicly review the book. The author and fellow personal finance blogger JL Collins really delivered on the promise of the title. Not only was it a quick read, it was entertaining, and very easy to understand (it skipped all the unnecessary technical topics that tend to make personal finance overly complicated).

Although an avid reader, believe it or not, I don’t read much in the personal finance space. I find most of the books to be far too boring and way less on point than many of the blogs out there that in my opinion do far more justice covering the topic. This book was different, it held my interest, and even made me a believer in the whole indexing way of investing.

I first came across JL Collins around the same time I started this blog; after following a trail of links back to his infamous stock series. After reading the 1st of what is now 29 posts in the series, he was instantly added to the list of blogs I read on a regular basis. His writing is fantastic, his philosophy is simple, and his perspective is unique and very compelling.

This is definitely a book that will enter the very short list of recommended books that everyone should read. No seriously it’s a very short list, check out the list of 15 books I currently recommend here. Let me put this into perspective. I have read 218 books over the past 5 years, which means that less than 7% have made this list, that is saying something.

Here is a Sneak Peek at the Table of Contents:

Simple Path to Wealth Contents

You know you are reading a different type of personal finance book when there is a chapter dedicated to “F-You Money” (page 31). If that isn’t compelling enough, take a minute to watch the unofficial trailer to this book by JL Collins himself on the topic of F-You Money below:

This isn’t the first time I have come across JL’s views on index investing (I have also read the Jack Bogle, the creator of low cost indexing), but it did seal the deal for me. After reading the book over the course of several hours, the very next morning I put $10,000 of my own money into VTI, which is the ETF by Vanguard that Collin’s recommends in the book.

I know, I haven’t really told you much about the book, but that’s only because I don’t want to spoil it for you. This post has one goal, and that is to intrigue you enough to go and read the book for yourself. You will thank me later and so will your bank account.

You can pick up a copy in either print or eBook format on Amazon below:

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6 Responses

  1. $10k is a nice start.. how about the remainder of your portfolio? still doing any timing or trying to beat the market?

    1. I actually ended up deploying $40K last week ($30K in VTI and $10K in AAPL). I am still using covered calls and short puts, and I still only prefer to buy on down days. However, that said I recently switched my 401K contributions going forward to be invested in the lowest cost S&P 500 index fund with a 0.07% fee.

      That said I still have over 50% of my total investable assets sitting in cash.

      1. good to hear! btw – what John Bogle book on indexing did you read? of his books I think Common Sense Investing is the best..

  2. I’m curious to know, what’s the difference between this book and the stock series on his website?

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