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Welcome to the beginning of our next adventure. I started this blog in September of 2014. Holy crap, almost a decade ago! It’s true that time flies when you’re doing anything other than sitting on your a** – 😆 . It’s an interesting paradox for me personally in that I find it hard to believe how fast this near-decade has flown, but I’m simultaneously in disbelief at how much has been accomplished in that same time.

Time is the only resource of which you have zero spending control. We are all born with the same amortization rate (24 hours per day), with variable durations (life expectancy) based on many factors outside the scope of this post. Time favors no one. No exceptions. The only thing you get to control is how you allocate your time, but even that isn’t entirely true – the human body does require sleep which takes 33% right off the top of your daily time deposit (assuming 8 hours on average).

The point is that time is a limited resource that must be spent with intention. Do you live your life with intention?

In my opinion, a planned life is an intentional life. (Don’t worry, you free spirits out there can choose how much room you leave in your plan for serendipity.)

To keep intentionality at the forefront, one of my favorite planning exercises is writing a letter to myself from 10 years in the future. If you would like to try this, be as specific and holistic as you can be. Below you can find a couple of personal examples that I have shared over the years:

A Letter I Wrote To Myself From The Future – A 10 Year Vision Of My Life (written in 2012)

Everything Always Works Out – New 10 Year Vision Letter (written in 2019)

I’m overdue to write myself another letter. One of my focus areas will be around the impact I want to make with this whole GYFG project. It’s time to level up and start the next chapter, which is a great segue for this actual update.

To date, I’ve used this blog as a vehicle to document my own journey in public to both hold myself accountable to my own plans and with the intention to inspire and motivate others. The value exchange has been heavily swayed in my favor – IMO.

No doubt, I’ve inspired and motivated others to take action and I’ve been very gratified to hear of amazing reader accomplishments over the years. Having said that, I’ve always had the intention since the inception of this blog to help others in a bigger way. It’s like they say before takeoff on every commercial flight you’ve ever been on: “Please put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.” I’ve mostly been focusing on putting on my own oxygen mask, but now I’m ready to be less inwardly focused.

What’s Next?

A lot. I know, not the answer you were looking for. Let me explain.

The keen observer will notice that the site has gotten both a tune-up and a facelift. It’s a long time overdue. It’s also the first of many steps in a transition to the next phase of GYFG and the new exciting things to come. I’ve hired a web developer. I’ve taken on a couple of partners. I acquired a new domain for what will be a companion site that will include a new podcast, a private community, and many other tools focused on helping you reach your goals and live your dream life.

If we can figure it out, we may even have an app. Not right away but eventually. (We’ve got ideas – so many that it’s overwhelming!)

We want to help you reach your first six- seven- and eight-figure net worth milestones. We want to help you increase your income. To the moon! But it goes beyond just financial compounding since money is just a tool. It’s a means to an end. Not the end. (But what if money were no object?)

The end goal is to live well and give well!

We will endeavor to arm you with the right mindset and tools to ensure you don’t get so consumed building wealth that you forget to build a life. We will regularly remind you that capital is not the only thing that compounds: knowledge, effort, relationships, and deliberate practice all compound. Compounding is active in many facets of our lives.

Although I don’t have exact timelines, we are just about done wrapping up the final touches of the new site design. Besides the new aesthetic, I’m so impressed with how fast the site now loads, and I hope you are too. We are making sure we have a solid foundation to build from before layering on the new stuff. That said, we are starting to figure out the format of the podcast and all the particulars that come with setting one up – something I’ve wanted to do for a decade.

I hope you’ll tune in – I can’t wait to start this new adventure with all of you!

– Gen Y Finance Guy

P.S. We’d love to hear what kinds of content on both the blog and a podcast you would be interested in. What do you feel is currently missing from the other blogs and podcasts that you read and listen to?

P.S.S. Keep your eye out for more details via email. If you’re not on the email list yet, now is a good time to join so you don’t miss out. Plus we have a great gift for you when you join the email list: the FI toolkit!

Gen Y Finance Guy

Hey, I’m Dom - the man behind the cartoon. You’ll notice that I sign off as "Gen Y Finance Guy" on all my posts, due to the fact that I write this blog anonymously (at least for now). I like to think of myself as the Chief Freedom Officer here of my little corner of the internet. In the real world, I’m a former 30-something C-Suite executive turned entrepreneur turned capital allocator. I am trying to humanize finance by sharing my own journey to Financial Freedom. I believe in total honesty and transparency. That is why before I ever started blogging, I decided that I would share all of my own financial stats. I do this not to brag, but instead to inspire motivate, and also to hold myself accountable. My goal is to be a beacon of hope, motivation, and inspiration, for you, the reader, by living life by example and sharing it all here on the blog. My sincere hope is that you will be able to learn from me - both from my successes and my failures! Read More



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  1. Exciting! I’m eager to see the finished products.

    A potential content idea: A case study of all the steps that go into starting a business and the decisions that are made to set it up for optimal return. Perhaps in the future working with someone to help them get started and document their journey and the decision tree they work through.

    I’d also try to stay towards high value content and limit the drawing out of episodes/posts/courses. I’ve found that as I’ve been consuming content over the years that I trim out those sources which draw out their content and provide less value per minute since my time has become more limited.

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